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Get the news you want in one single app!

Turns websites into a single feed and saves time by serving you the best updates first.

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Powerful and friendly!


Add any source

Websites are turned into a feed, straight from the web or via RSS (with full text articles).

Supports almost any website on the net, and greater support is added continuously


AI categories

The app learns what you like and promotes what you usually read, using on-device (private) machine learning AI.

To save your precious time!



Widget on your homescreen with the most interesting articles



Pushes the most important news on a daily basis, as a subtle notification



The app keeps track of what's new, and gives you the new articles in a convenient feed-form.


Mute topics

Mark words or phrases to hide posts. They are still included in the feed - just one tap away


Easy to use

Add websites straight from the browser - or any other app. No need to "get into RSS" or "setting up accounts" - just add what you like, it could not be any simpler!


Human friendly

No folders to move around, categories to select and reorder, marking items as read, or other chores to perform - just a beautiful feed containing your interest.

The machine does the work!


Free to download

The app is a free download! with most features included and you can unlock the full experience for a small fee. If you share Feeds with your friends, you will even be rewarded an unlock for free!

What do people say about Feeds?

”It is the only news app I have time for, it has both my news and the Journal of Medicine so I don't need to check several places for updates” – Hanna Schiöler MD

”I like the nice Feeds app. It’s the only one I found with a working widget” – Mathias Buchner

”I am so happy about Feeds! It's such a nice app!” – Petra Sjöström

Turn almost any website into a feed:
Keep track of the net, like google seaches!
Add feeds straight from the browser:
Can it get any easier?

New version out now!

Numerous improvements:

  • An on-device AI that learns what you like and saves you time by bringing the best first!

  • Supports even more sites when generating feeds from the web (siteFeeds)

  • Homescreen Widget for the newest and most interesting articles!

  • Push-notifications (once or twice per day), for the most interesting stuff!

  • Better price! If you rather pay once and get all these features for life - you are now accommodated!

  • Also a little friendlier and better looking - always improving on that front

  • Future releases will come more often and be smaller updates

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Get the app for free

Don't like paying for things when you don't have to?

The new version rewards you with a subscription (or extends the current one) every time a friend of yours downloads the app.

You can also share regular links via the Feeds-app, and if your friends (or whoever receives them) aren't interested in the app they can still read the link, and the others give you the subscription - everybody wins!

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First look

Here is a video from the first version of the app, of how scrolling and refreshing works:

Interested in the details? I wrote something about the design of this feature: laser focused app