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Feeds is a great way to make sure you have a recurring readership. Place a button on your pages to make sure they add you to their feeds!

The only thing you need is to generate a subscribe link: https://feeds-app.com/#page=linkGenerate

You can change the image, and style it anyway you like. You can even email the link, as long as its opened on device it will subscribe your site.

To see how it works you can subscribe to this page through this link: Feeds Publisher Information

Connect subscribers

Let your subscribers read your premium content as if they were logged in to your site.

Sites that have paywalls, premium content or different content depending on user settings - your readers need to login and be remembered. This is sadly not allowed by Apple and the app has gotten rejected multiple times for allowing your readers to login.

Its still possible by tapping an article (to open the source), then navigate to a login-button.

What we want (and probably you as well) is a simple button that shows up when users are logged out, and goes away after they log in.

An obvious situation is that non-subscribers might want to purchase a subscription, and this is where Apple gets worked up (they want 30% of the transaction). Having a login section without being able to purchase would be bad for both you and the users so we will try to find another solution.

Working against Apple is never fun, and one really needs to stay on the right side of a razors edge to pull it off - but we think we have a solution which we are trying out now, and will present them to you soon!

Feel free to reach out if you have an idea or want to be part of the first batch of connected publishers!

Stay tuned!

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Publish your ads

Many publishers rely on ads, follow these simple steps to have them show up in Feeds just like in the regular browser.

Sometimes content disappears that should be included in the page. Make sure your ads have visibilty by following these steps:

  1. Include it in the page, within the article as a regular div-tag. The best way is to make it an a-tag (anchor) which directs to your own site, and then just redirects the user to the advertiser. This way you can easily count the number of clicks and measure that they get what they pay for.

Yes, its only one step!

We know this is a sensitive matter, and advertising is what runs most websites out there. Feel free to send any questions or concerns: support@feeds-app.com

Purchase ad space

Guaranteed visibility of human friendly advertising.

  • Fixed fee, with known target parameters (#unique views or #unique clicks).
  • Non-tracking advertising, by applying filters instead of tracking, we both ensure privacy and target the right audience.
  • Non-obtrusive ads, we respect our readers.
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