Your privacy is protected!

    The gist of it:

    • Cookies are only created for login.

    • If you are using anonymous accounts, not even email is used and everything is anonymized.

    • Third party ads are removed in the next update (version 2), they are collecting "data about usage, for example, to show personalised ads or to report on conversions". Read more about Google ads.

    • The app collects as little data as possible.

    • We will never spam you.

    Full tracking protection

    The app can prevent all cookies, for maximum privacy. You can always toggle "Allow Cookies" in a feeds' settings, to let the source remember who you are. You need to have this toggle on if you are logging in at the source.

    1. First open an article, to auto-select the feed when opening its settings
    2. Tap the info-menu (the plus sign in the top right corner)
    3. All settings are loaded, and this feed's settings selected, ready to be changed

    Showing settings Stay logged in toggle

    Deleting data

    If you created your account with an email address and want to delete your account's data, you need to log out (or delete the app) and also delete your account from the website

    Newsletters and marketing

    Feeds only send emails to customers who explicitly said they want to - and you can always opt out by clicking a link in the bottom of the email. Sometimes the service must send you emails no matter what, like when reseting passwords, verifying accounts and for sending receipts (after purchases). These must be sent to customers for me to fulfill my obligations as a service provider.

    Stored data

    The application uses email and name when creating an account, which is needed to identify the account (you login via email). It is for resetting password (which is done by email). These are stored as long as you are a customer and you can delete your account at any time.

    A cookie is stored to identify you as a user so you can stay logged in (if you have an account). The cookie is deleted whenever you log out, and expires by itself after 10 years.

    Your account does not keep any data except your name, email and purchases. No feeds, articles, habits or any similar data is stored on the server. There will be syncing in the future, and then these things will need to be stored, of course, but in a private manner not to be read by any human and never to be sold or given to third parties. All backups are encrypted. Syncing will be opt-in, you must explicitly agree to letting us store your data before a single bit is transfered.

    The app sends crash logs (which only contain general information about what went wrong) and some device information (name, model, app version and os version) to track down bugs and make support easier. This data is purged from the system on regular intervals.

    Some statistics are collected like the OS version, device type and similar.