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Frequently asked questions:

  • How to add feeds:
  • Copy a website's address, or the link to its feed
  • Tap "add" in the menu.
  • Press "Done" to add or search for feeds.
    You can also enter URLs manually.

  • How to read feeds:

  • Tap to see the excerpt, only a few sources allow you to read the full article.

  • Tap again to load the full article from the source.
  • Swipe from the left to close.


If you like the app and want to see more features and continued development you can buy a subscription. In addition to bringing updates, the subscription will give you:

  • Mute - hide posts containing phrases you don't want to know about.
  • No ads - removes all ads.


Site Feeds

Site feeds are auto-generated (AI) feeds, taken directly from the site. Each article gets a summary, and the original is just a tap away! It means that you can follow every website who has a feed-like structure even if they don't support regular feeds. Especially useful for your news and magazine subscriptions, where you quickly get updates about your most important news. Just login first and the app will store the cookies needed to authenticate with the website.

Take note: since these feeds are generated by an artificial intelligence, that actually don't know how to read - the result can be quite strange at times. It makes, on occasion, the following errors:

  1. Treats links to non-articles, as if they were articles - e.g. advertising, help-pages or other information.
  2. Misses publish-dates, and tells you that old articles are published today.
  3. Misses e.g. name of author and such information usually found in the end of an article (but just tap it to read the full original article)


Natural Scrolling


  • Auto-purge: The app detects news feeds and automatically deletes articles older than today, so your reading list will never grow too large. Articles from non-news will be untouched. You can toggle this feature in settings > View all subscriptions (and then tapping a feed).

  • Mute: You can mute phrases you don't like, then a post containing that phrase will be shrunk to minimal size. One tap brings it back to normal. You may mute using plain text or "regular expressions" for all you coders out there.

  • Share text: You can share just the text of an article, just select share from the menu or swipe, and on the second row - scroll until "Copy text".

  • Sorting: Don't forget that you can sort articles any way you like. Tap the cog to access settings.
  • Shortcuts to settings. If you are reading a post and selecting "Feed Settings" in the menu, that feed is selected automatically. The same applies to delete.

Future roadmap

Who made this?

I did! My name is Olof Thorén, and you can read more about me and the company here: https://aggressive.se/. There is even a very personal corporate blog!


  • Know that I read all emails but sadly have little time to write each person a letter. I will try, but if you don't get a response - you will need to trust that I work as hard as I can to fix your issue, and will update the app as soon as possible.
  • To make it possible to fix your issue, follow these steps:
  1. Read this F.A.Q to see if the problem has not been reported before.
  2. Write step by step instructions of how to reproduce the issue, or make a screen recording.
  3. Read what you have written, is it a letter nice enough to show to your mother?
  4. Can a sleep-deprived and/or drunk developer follow those instructions to reproduce the issue?
  5. Send it to support@feeds-app.com

I am very thankful for all bugreports! You are helping me twice as much as I am helping you.



Sadly I don't have time to respond to feedback, but I read every single email. So don't hesitate to email support@feeds-app.com